PELZ™ was developed by Dr. Dana Flavin, an internationally recognized expert in immune modulation and the prevention and treatment of viruses and cancer.A Ph.D. in Pharmacology, MD in Medicine, Biochemical Pharmacology, including a Master’s Degree in Nutrition and Biochemistry. Patented – U.S. Pat. 8268363


  • Increase antiviral defence and decrease the replication and toxicity of the virus.
  • Synergy a process in which substances cooperate to reach combined effects that is greater than the sum of the separate effect.
  • Biochemical Synergy is the amplification effect of several substances working with enhanced supportive mechanisms, showing greater efficacies based on the expansion of the biochemical processes and pharmacological activities. The combination of specific natural substances greatly enhances the individual efficacies of these substances to form a synergistic anti-viral and anti-toxicity effect protecting at multiple levels, amplifying the pharmacological mechanisms for greater protection against viral diseases.
  • N-acetylcysteine (NAC) proven in clinical studies to increase lymphocytes that contain interferon. Lymphocytes are often suppressed in viral infections like COVID-19. These cells that release interferon are part of the Th1 lymphocytes important for the antiviral activity. One of the mechanism in this lymphocyte suppression is the generation of gas, nitric oxide. This gas comes from enzyme, nitric oxide synthase, and is elevated in viral infections. NAC binds to this gas and allows the movement of these lymphocytes back into the blood stream and an increased antiviral activity of these Th1 lymphocytes. Additionally, NAC increases the endogenous anti-inflammatory factor, glutathione, in lung tissue.
  • Zinc added for its ability proven in clinical studies to increase the efficacy of interferon. In cases of viral infection, it increases the interferon efficacy to a multiple as much as 10-fold as well as having direct antiviral activities. Zinc supplementation decreases the morbidity of lower respiratory tract infections in pediatric patients in the developing world.


  • A result of the synergistic combination of the right ingredients is a patented (U.S. PAT 8268363) formula that can reduce the toxicity to the host without compromising the immune system’s antiviral activity.
  • The mechanisms involved in the natural support for upper respiratory viral infections involves down regulating the enzymes producing toxicity; inhibiting the enzymes involved in viral replication, and enhancing the immune system’s ability to fight the virus.
  • PELZ™ Immune Capsules formulation also significantly reduces the toxicity from oxygen radicals and protects the host while still allowing the immune system to help reduce the viruses.
  • PELZ™ Immune Capsules formulation may also protect against cytokine storms.
  • Testing was completed with this patented formula by medical professionals to alleviate symptoms and/or shorten the duration of viral illness causing upper respiratory infections.
  • In clinical studies of patients with colds, flu, and viral infections of the upper respiratory tract, symptoms without treatment that did not use this patented formula generally lasted seven days. The average duration, when using this patented formulation, was shortened to 24 hours or less in the majority of cases.
  • In many cases, the upper respiratory viral infection’s duration was reduced to 24-48 hours, with complete recovery from the infection.
  • Specifically, 30 adult men and women had decreased tiredness and lethargy between 30 and 60 minutes of taking the first dose.
  • Twenty-four hours later, 85% or patients were symptom free.
  • A whole efficacious natural combination brings the entire immune system into a healthy protective antiviral mode that decreases toxicity while simultaneously increasing a healthy immune defence against viral invasion and unnecessary tissue damage.
  • PELZ™ Immune Capsules recommended use or purpose can be adjusted as a routine preventative support during COVID-19 outbreaks.
  • A patented, scientifically proven formula to synergistically eliminate upper respiratory infection.


A DOCTOR FORMULATED blend of powerful ingredients designed to help maintain & support your immune function and system.

PELZ Immune Solution Capsules